The Right to Pray Under Attack

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The right to pray lives on in America’s Armed Forces, but the freedom to do so without the fear of punishment reigns in the hearts of many service members as well as civilian leaders, legislators and even high school valedictorians.  The attack on prayer in the public arena is not new to American society.  This battle has been around for decades and continues to be a recurring news topic.  Below is a brief list of news headlines recording the ongoing conflict: 

Prayer Attack Chart

There are numerous examples of national and military leaders who petitioned Almighty God on behalf of those under their command.  On June 6, 1944, President Roosevelt called upon the entire nation and led them in prayer during his radio address, praying for our assault forces and for the families of those who would give the supreme sacrifice in the D-Day invasion.[1]  During World War II, an exemplary officer, General George Patton led the famous and effective prayer for favorable weather during the crucial 1944 Battle of the Bulge.  Patton’s prayer was issued to 3,200 officers and chaplains in the Third Army to “…urge, instruct, and indoctrinate every fighting man to pray as well as to fight.”[2]

American’s right to pray has been a foundational part of this country since the creation of our Republic in 1775, both in the military and the public square. It is time that We the People stand up to political agendas and groups focused on removing all historical, Christian foundations from this once, great nation and help Americans feel proud to pray once again.

[1] Jack Dixon, Our Sons Will Triumph, From the D-Day prayer of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, June sixth, 1944.  NY:  Thomas Y. Crowell, 1944.

[2] James H. O’Neill, The True Story of the Patton Prayer. The Military Chaplain.  Vol. 19, No. 2, at 3, 13 (1948).


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  1. That has always been a big issue in the military so I am well aware of this problem.

  2. i think it is a shame that these things are even being considered we should be able to pray anywhere we want and for whoever we want our four fathers built this united states on god and it should never i mean never be taken out of anything put it back in school and to be able to pray over our food anywhere we want praying is what keeps us in gods favor if it is taken out of everything god won’t be there either So think about that and I will always pray no matter what anyone says. prayers are what keep our boys safe and our nation safe stand up AMERICA and don’t be afraid GOD will take care of us all if WE stand up for him and pray to him its a fact always has been and always will be as long and we do our part and stand in agreement that GOD is our PROTECTION and should
    NEVER be taken out of anything

  3. I want to ask WHO can stop anyone from praying ??? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. They can say you can’t pray in a certain place or a certain way but NO ONE CAN STOP YOU FROM PRAYING !!! We just just do it silently. WE go into our closet ( inwardly, talk to God within yourself) PRAY ALL YOU WANT ,WHERE EVER YOU WANT and WHERE YOU WANT. Just do it silently. God hears your prayers. It is written to go into your closet and PRAY!! Praise God.