A Prayer of Gratitude and Protection

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Eddie Rickenbacker and two companions were rescued from a rubber raft after twenty-one days at sea.  Their initial food supply was four oranges.  “Frankly and humbly,” says Rickenbacker, “we prayed for our deliverance.  Within an hour after our prayers, a seagull landed on my head.  That seagull kept us alive.”

O Lord, I thank thee for the strength and blessings though hast given me, and even though I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death, I feared no evil, for thy rod and thy staff comforted me event unto the four corners of the world.  I have sinned, O Lord, but through thy mercy thou hast shown me the light of thy saving grace.

In thy care we are entrusting our boys and girls in the Services scattered throughout the entire world, and we know that in thee they are finding their haven of hope.  Be with our leaders, O Lord; give them wisdom to lead until that day, be with those at home—strengthen them for whatever may lie ahead.  Be with our enemies, O Lord, and through the light of thy divine grace, may they reconsecrate themselves to thy service as we are reconsecrating ourselves, so all peoples of the world will sign in unison “Glory to God in the Highest,” as only through thee can we realize our hopes for peace everlasting.  In Jesus’ name I ask it.  Amen.

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker
 Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Prayer Book 1944

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