A Prayer of Protection

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O, Heavenly Father, as Thou watchest over Thy children I humbly beseech Thee to have mercy on those in dire peril. Bless the men of our armed forces as they perform the duties of their calling.

Preserve the navy from the perils of the sea, the snares and violences of our enemies. In the hour of danger let their hearts be on Thee and their eyes turned to Thy holy star; and as our aviators fly on the wings of the morning and soar into the uttermost parts of the world, have mercy upon them and bring them safely back from their missions.

Give courage to the boys in the trenches and take the fear and horror of war from their minds.

For those boys who have been wounded and bodies torn asunder from battle scars, I ask Thee to be with them when they try to readjust themselves. Give them courage of heart and the will to go on. These things, together with whatever Thou would have me ask, I ask in Christ’s name. Amen.

George Van Inwegen
The Armed Forces Prayer Book 1951

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