Changing History to Deny Prayer, Part 3

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Kentucky was the site of an undemocratic attempt to strike down a vital piece of America’s “one nation under God” history.  It began in 1992, when the Kentucky General Assembly acted and Governor Brereton Jones signed KRS 158.195, which provided for:

 Reading and posting in public schools of texts and documents on American history and heritage.  Local boards may allow any teacher or administrator in a public school district of the Commonwealth to read or post in a public school building, classroom, or event any excerpts or portions of: the national motto; the national anthem; the pledge of allegiance; the preamble to the Kentucky Constitution; the Declaration of Independence; the Mayflower Compact; the writings and speeches, documents, and proclamations of the founding fathers and presidents of the United States, U.S. Supreme Court decisions; and acts of the U.S. Congress including the published text of the Congressional Record.  There shall be no content-based censorship of American history or heritage in the Commonwealth based on religious references in these writings, document, and records.

            From the view of a majority of Kentuckians, there is no wish to blot out the nation’s true history, but there are a few others who would write a completely different view of history to line up with their modern ideologies and humanist philosophies. These few rewriters populate well-entrenched radical groups and Kentucky was targeted, the first state to make it illegal to censor history based on its religious references to “the Creator” or “Almighty God” and yet again scarce taxpayer money and official energy was diverted to meritless lawsuits denying the true foundations of America’s law and civil government.

There is no legal case or precedent in American or Kentucky jurisdiction limiting or forbidding the display or quoting of any historical, legal or civil government documents because of a reference to “God” or “Divine Providence.”  These expensive lawsuits are brought to the courts that courts might decide what American citizens may quote from our history largely dispensing with mention Almighty God.  If the Court decides that posting these documents were promotion of religion and not quoting history, then posting such documents is unconstitutional!  Attempts in the courts such as this to silence the Kentucky Legislature and the majority of Kentuckians affirms the ACLUs censorship of history and rewrites American History to suit an opposing and foreign ideology.  The courts are the vehicle of choice used by such groups to silence both prayer and history in our great “One Nation under God,” because the people and their voice, the Kentucky legislature, would not have it so.

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