Changing History to Deny Prayer, Part 5

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Real Patriots must call upon every state legislature to pass a new resolution that protects the right to declare the truth of our history instead of cowing to radical groups.  One such group recently attacked the Commonwealth of Kentucky to deny our dependence upon Almighty God for our security.  Their denial of God’s Providence in our history calls for the state to make a preemptive surrender of our most precious freedom—and censors the right to know the truth and to teach it publicly to future generations.

America’s founders recognized tyranny when they saw it.  They were confident that real Americans would act when they heard the truth, so they listed their grievances, letting “Facts be submitted to a candid world.”  America is no longer a candid world, because of the manipulation of truth by radical groups who seek to censor facts and history to remake America outside of churches into a God-free zone.  When the gavel strikes in the next frivolous case, remember that behind the scenes, when the opinions are read, our history and our freedoms will be further eroded if we deny government officials the right to acknowledge the self-evident truth that we are “endowed by our Creator” with rights in this “One Nation Under God.”

This attack upon our history, sadly, is now creeping chaos in our Armed Forces, where suicide is now officially the second leading cause of death and yet daily prayers for the troops, by leaders and chaplains, as they seek to be sustained in battle, are being censored or denied.

Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, knew and believed in the power of prayer in the military institution and the nurture and succor it provided.  He explained the relationship of our nation’s history to our military first principles of Exemplary Conduct and Prayer when he said:

“It remains the duty of all public officials to ensure that American Military Forces, including Service Academies, both state and federal, fully prepare future officers for the rigor and peril of combat – which must always include frequent chaplain and/or lead-led unit prayer.  America’s Declaration of Independence officially recognizes the “Creator” as the source of our law and liberty.  “The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” established a fixed standard, a higher discipline – a battle-tested standard – to restore and uphold against years of disturbing reports of multiple military crises arising from moral relativism and undemocratic changes, beginning during the Bush and Clinton administrations.  These changes are contrary to America’s first military principles of virtue, honor, patriotism and subordination, called “Exemplary Conduct…Prayer for the common good and acknowledgment of Divine Providence is a central official and historical tenet of the combat leadership preparation of the American Military, particularly officer training in times of national peril or war.”

First Principles is proud to have worked closely with Admirals Moorer and Hill over the years and as they have now passed along to their eternal rewards, we remain committed in that great endeavor to support and sustain our troops by conveying the history of our men of valor who go in harm’s way for our liberty.  We will not leave our troops without a prayer.

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