None to Make Them Afraid

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Our Father. Whose glory filleth the Universe, we reflect upon the great achievements of those who have made the extreme sacrifice for our country in order that our blessed land may continue to be a beacon of light and a source of hope for the entire civilized world.

Deliver us, O Heavenly Father, from our present impending evils and frustrate the designs of our enemies. Restore us to the bosom of peace.

We pray to Thee to hasten the day when humanity shall be delivered from oppressors and oppression and hate and violence shall never again flourish on the face of Thy earth, and may we realize in our day the fulfillment of the prophetic vision ‚Äúthat they shall dwell every man under his own vine and fig tree with none to make them afraid.” Amen.

Brig. General Julius Klein (1894 – 1976)
Julius Klein served as spy in Germany in WWI and was a hero during WWII, when he saved many lives during an explosion at New Caledonia in the South Pacific. In 1941, he formulated an important military plan called “Combat Public Relations”, which encompassed such topics as psychological warfare and propaganda. He also helped improved both German-American and German-Israel relations after World War II.

Picture Courtesy of NMAJMH

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