The American Dream

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by Dr. Linda Jeffrey

The desire of our soul is to thy name, and to the remembrance of thee. With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early: for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness. Isaiah 26:8-9

Yesterday I saw a microcosm of America that is opposite to the steady diet of media reporting, so I want to take the position of reporter today and relay the facts I witnessed. I donned my deep purple formal dress and velvet cape, and headed for the 238th Anniversary Marine Corps Ball in Lexington, Kentucky. The ballroom was full of young marines in dress uniform. They are a human gallery of art—each body is sculpted with a clean-shaven head to accent the set of the jaw, and muscular chests and arms fill out the gold-buttoned coats where ribbons hang to indicate combat tours. But more than their bodies were molded to perfection. When we expressed a need, we received immediate personal attention from a confident young marine. They were thinkers. They were problem solvers. As I listened to the buzz of conversation, the one distinguishable frequent word was “Sir!”

The program began with prayer, and for a moment I remembered the fighting with the ACLU and the relentless attacks on prayer in the military which the media report with utter despair for a praying American. No such prayers were prayed last night. It was a heartfelt prayer for the protection and success of the Corps, prayed by a man who surely knew God personally. I was awestruck.

The music alternated between a lone bugler and the Marine Corps band and each note pressed the observers to stand tall as the parade of flags and flashing bayonets marched crisply together in perfect rhythm. The honor for the fallen, and the remembrance of victory at a heavy price was presented in speech and multimedia. The Commandant of the Marine Corps gave a video message calling these young men to keep their honor clean.

It was my great privilege to contribute to the writing of the keynote speeches for the evening, so I was on the edge of my seat as Colonel Ray approached the podium. His advancing age and thinning hair have not diminished the quality of his Marine composure. Every eye was fixed with admiration upon the man who decades earlier lay in a rice paddy with a bullet in his gut because he has always believed that men must be free. He told about his years in Vietnam and the millions who died to keep communism from swallowing up all of Southeast Asia. Then our courageous Vietnamese friend, Yung Nguyen told of his harrowing escape from the Communists after the fall of Saigon, and he thanked the Marines for their service and sacrifice. Their testimonies were breathtaking.

Many lives were lost, many lies were told, much shame and despair was brought upon America by politicians and new media pundits whose immoral greed and godless agenda still rewrite the history of the Vietnam era. But last night, we heard from the men who were there. And the unique audience of soldiers understood in a deeper way that war is a moral decision of right and wrong. And only a moral people who understand the Military’s First Principles of virtue, honor, patriotism and subordination are fit to serve. Whatever the political backstabbing and betrayal that has colored the history, one thing is certain from this night of remembrance—
The Marines are still on duty. They still hear the call to keep America free. And these proud and determined soldiers are still willing to pay the price in blood for you and me. Sleep well my fellow Americans. The Marines still guard American soil, and for every communist oppressor, both foreign and domestic, there will be hell to pay if you cross them.

One more detail. Since I have no sense of direction, I couldn’t find my way from the ballroom to my car. Embarrassed, I approached a young man in uniform to ask directions, and was personally escorted to my car in safety. What an amazing night of remembrance! May God bless the Marines and the Land of the Free that they protect!

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